How to choose your bridal makeup

When thinking about your bridal hair and makeup it can often be hard to decide what is the best look to go for.  Many things about your wedding day will be different from the norm – for a start most of us don’t frequently wear a dress resembling a wedding dress!  However while most of these changes from the norm should be embraced your bridal hair and makeup should still feel like you.  Your wedding isn’t a fancy dress or costume event, it’s you! At The Tori Harris Pro Team we think you should feel as amazing as you look. So how do you decide what to ask your artist for?

Where to find bridal makeup inspiration?

Pinterest is an incredible tool, generally we recommend not spending too long looking at bridal makeup inspiration – founder Tori explains why: “When we look for pictures of makeup it is often hard to see past the attractiveness of the woman being photographed and often I find brides haven’t really dissected what it is about the makeup they like instead they just want to look like the image.  I often try and talk to brides in detail about the makeup look they’ve selected and how they usually wear their makeup to see if the two are actually aligned or if they’ve just picked a picture of Miranda Kerr because she’s absolutely stunning!”

What bridal makeup look should you have?

As an agency our mantra is you but better!  We like to get to know our clients and work out how they usually wear their makeup and how we can adapt this to make it special for the wedding day.  It is important to us that we ensure you feel comfortable, like you look like yourself.  Of course everyone wants to look better than they do on a daily basis and we’re all about the subtle changes that really enhance your features.

Should I have fake lashes?

We love fake lashes but that doesn’t mean you have to have them – again it’s such a personal choice! If you’re thinking about having lash extensions which do make a fabulous treat for honeymoon too we recommend Fox & Vamp who are really local to us in SW London and regularly do Tori’s lashes for her – a true recommendation from one of the fussiest clients we know!

So, how do I pick?

When it comes to it – our recommendation is have a trial! Come in, see us, have a chat about your look and then let us show you. Until you see your bridal makeup look on yourself you really cannot tell what it will look like or how it will be – that’s the beauty of the human race no two faces are the same! No matter how similar we all have little things that make us unique.

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