Do you need to know exactly how many people need hair and makeup now?

No, we contact you 6 weeks before for final numbers – if you have an artists with a minimum spend (this will be highlighted to you in your initial quote) then all you need to know is you’ll have enough people to make that.

Whats the maximum number of people I can have for hair and makeup?

There isn’t one! We’ll send all the assistants you need to ensure everyone is ready in time. All we need from you at this stage is one selection from our artists – this will be your lead artist who will do your hair and makeup for the wedding date and also manage the day for you. We will then send an assistant (or team of assistants) of the same level who will help ensure your bridal party is all ready in time. The assistant is included in the cost – there are no additional charges! 

How long do trials last?

Trials generally last around 2hours, sometimes a little more sometimes a little less – it often depends on if you know what you want or if we need to try a couple of styles.

Can I book you without having a trial?

Yes! We’d all rather do a trial as it makes it much less stressful on the day but for some people it just isn’t possible to organise a trial – if this is the case we usually try and face time with you first so we can have a chat about ideas!

Will the makeup last all day?

Yes! All makeup applied is designed to last all day and have you looking flawless at midnight.  For hot summers days you may wish to carry a translucent powder to stop any shine building up.  It can also be handy to have a concealer on hand incase you get a little emotional during the ceremony. We do recommend buying your lipstick as we anticipate you would have to touch it up during the day!

I have really sensitive skin – will your products be okay?

All our products are hypo-allergenic so they shouldn’t cause a reaction however if you have had problems in the past and have a product you know works well with your skin we would be happy to use your product.

What brands do you use?

All our artists stock their own kits with their favourite products, many of the popular favourites include Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Makeup Forever, Inglot, Kryolan and many more.

What is your refund policy if I am not happy?

Trial fees and booking fees are non-refundable as you are paying that artist for their time to work with you during your trial and turn down any other work on your wedding date.  At your initial enquiry we offer two options:

  1. You can pay a £50 booking fee to book in your wedding date.We can then book your trial in at a time convenient for you, after the trial a further £50 booking fee will be due.
  2. You can book your trial before paying the booking fee.We ask you book a trial within the next two weeks as we won’t book a trial more than two weeks in advance if you haven’t already paid the booking fee. We will pencil in your wedding date while you are awaiting your trial appointment.After the trial a £100 booking fee will be due.

Booking fee’s are deducted from the final balance which is due one month before the wedding.

When should I have my hair & makeup trial?

We usually recommend you have your hair and makeup trial 3-4 months before your wedding, by then you should know what dress you’ll wear and any other factors that may influence your hair and makeup choice.  For some brides they wish to have their trial before they book an artist – if this is you you’ll need to have your trial up to a year in advance of the wedding to ensure your favourite artist is available for your date, of course you can have a second trial nearer to the wedding day if you want to!

When do I need to book my hair & makeup artist? 

Wedding planning is intense there is so much to do at once right? But before you get too lost in Pinterest you need to book your suppliers where you need someone there on they day – your photographer, florist and hair and makeup artist will all be there in person on the day therefore they can only do one wedding a day!  With an average of 1304 weddings a day in the UK in the summer that’s 1303 brides that are also looking for a makeup artist… Don’t miss out!

How do I choose my hair and makeup artist?

When looking for a hair and makeup artist look for images within their portfolio that show hair and makeup looks similar to how you wish to have your hair and makeup on the day, if you’re looking for a fresh, natural makeup look for an artist who displays this work in their portfolio.  

Do you travel to me on the wedding day?

Yes! Our wedding day hair and makeup service is fully mobile meaning we will always travel to you on the wedding day.  We host trials at The Boutique & Co, in London which is a beautiful bridal space with plenty of light and ensures we have everything we need.

Will my makeup last all day? Do I need to do touch ups?

Yes our makeup should last all day! You will need to touch up your lipstick unfortunately but other than this there should be little for you to worry about on your wedding day! That said weddings are emotional days so if you cry try and dab those tears away near your eye rather than letting it run through your blusher, or if it’s a hot and sticky day you may find some translucent powder helps you feel refreshed and stops any unwanted shine. So it’s worthwhile to have a little touch up kit to hand but you shouldn’t need much.

Should I look for makeup and hair inspo on Pinterest?

Hair – yes! Makeup – no! Looking for hair inspiration on Pinterest is great but try and look for hair types similar to yours, if your hair isn’t as full as the models you may need hair extensions to help finish the look.  Makeup we don’t recommend looking on Pinterest – inevitably you’ll just pick the prettiest models and not really be able to picture how that makeup will look on you. What’s most helpful is a picture of when you have had makeup done before and really liked it, or if you haven’t liked it and why.

Should I get hair extensions for my wedding?

Many brides find that the Pinterest styles they’ve fallen in love with require more hair than they have got, but that’s where extensions come in! There are so many options from clip in extensions to tapes and micro rings. You can have them in just for the day or you can opt for hair extensions for the run up to your wedding and honeymoon. The choice is yours and our stylists can talk through options with you but industry secret – most brides have some form of help to make their hair look so full! 

Do you recommend Lash Extensions? 

We love lash extensions! We’re a huge fan of some subtle false lashes to enhance your makeup on the wedding day. Your artist will be more than happy to talk through options with you at your trial from semi permanent lash extensions to strip lashes there is something for everyone.