Sumire and Andy – Hedsor House, Berkshire

Sumire and Andy’s beautiful wedding took place at the picturesque Hedsor House, one of our top UK wedding venues.

Sumire’s bridal beauty was meticulously crafted by the talented Andra, who ensured every detail was perfect. Sumire’s hairstyle was a work of art, featuring an elegant updo with cascading, loose waves framing her face. This hairstyle added a touch of timeless grace to her overall look, perfectly complementing her wedding gown.

Sumire’s bridal look included a bold choice of a classic red lip. This choice not only showcased her confidence but also added a touch of drama and sophistication to her appearance. The combination of the intricate updo, the soft waves, and the striking red lip created a look that was both classic and modern, a true reflection of Sumire’s unique style.

These beautiful images were taken by White Stag Weddings

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