Charlotte and Adam

Like many of our brides in 2020 Charlotte and Adam had to postpone their big wedding, they opted instead for a small ceremony in Bath just before Christmas to say “I do” and are saving the bigger party for 2022. While we felt our brides disappointment at postponing the wedding they had spent months or sometimes years planning we loved working on the smaller and intimate ceremonies. We can’t wait to see all these brides again for their wedding parties in 2021 and 2022 where they will be able to celebrate with all their loved ones.

Just like many of our other brides you wouldn’t believe we were in the midst of a global pandemic when these pictures were taken and that’s exactly how it should be. Your wedding day is about celebrating your love for each other and we’re so thrilled that despite everything the last year has thrown at us we still managed to help brides feel their very best when they said I do!

Charlotte went for a hair up and natural makeup look which complimented her perfectly.

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