Italian wedding hair and makeup

Italian Wedding – Bridal hair and makeup.

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll probably know we’re pretty sporadic posters (something we are trying to work on but it’s hard to find the time!) But also that we’ve nicknamed our international weddings “the summer commute.”  Since June (it’s now mid September) we’ve had at least one artist and sometimes up to seven artists on a plane off to somewhere sunny for one of our international weddings!  It’s been another amazing year and we’re thrilled to be able to jet off to all these wonderful places to look after our brides hair and makeup.  As summer winds to an end we’ve got just a couple of international weddings left. Last weekend Neecol was in Italy with Grace for Andrea’s stunning Italian wedding. 

Venue: Masseria Don Luigi in Puglia, Italy. Photographer: Nicola Cassandro

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