6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Book Your Friend as Your Hair and Makeup Artist

“My friend is really good at makeup so she’ll be doing mine”

Unless your friend is a professional hair and makeup artist who frequently works on weddings: don’t do it!  Even if your friend is a professional hair and makeup artist who frequently works on weddings be careful about how much you ask them to do on the day – I know from my own experience it’s hard to say no (I’ve actually never been to a wedding and not done at least the brides hair and makeup!) 

Here’s 6 reasons why you shouldn’t book your mate:

  1. While your friend might be really good at her own makeup she wont be well practiced in hair and makeup looks that flatter other peoples face shapes, eye shape, colourings etc.
    We hear this one a lot – “my friend always does her makeup beautifully so I am just going to ask her to do mine” We all know our own faces and she’s had probably at least a decade to experiment with makeup on her own face, I’m sure she’s had some disasters in that time too – tried out some looks which ultimately weren’t suited to her face shape/skin tone/eye shape etc. 
  2. She won’t have all the colours, products, tools needed
    Not everyone has a full set of makeup brushes and almost no one has more than one foundation shade in their makeup bag so you’re going to have to buy some of the products you need for the wedding.
  3. Longevity is a skill
    So often we hear women moan that by the end of the day they look like they have half the amount of makeup on as they did at the start of the day. On your wedding day you need you will need your makeup to look flawless for 12hrs, that’s no small feat!

  4. She should be enjoying the morning with you and getting herself ready, when it is your friend it is all too easy to get wrapped up in enjoying the morning drinking champagne and end up rushing your makeup as you didn’t start early enough.
    Okay this one I have first hand experience of! One of my first friends to get married I took on helping with the brides hair and makeup as well as the bridesmaids and her mum. I didn’t notice the girls topping up my champagne as I gulped it down (turns out I usually drink a lot of water when I am working!) Anyway by the time it was time to put my dress on not only was I exhausted I was also quite tipsy! I spent most of the drinks reception sat at the bar trying to sober up! 
  5. If you don’t like it at the trial (or worse on the day!) it might feel awkward to tell her, she might not be able to fix it and then you have an awkward situation of firing your friend as your makeup artist.
    We get this where clients feel bad tellings us what they do and don’t like at their trial! Imagine telling your friend you don’t like what she’s done… Awkward to say the least! 
  6. Your hair and makeup artist does more than just your makeup – timings etc.
    We run so much more of your morning than you realise – we’re going to tell you what time to get up, when to start, when to put your dress on, when to have some pictures, when to make sure everything is just perfect at the perfect time for you.  Without the experience of hundreds of wedding mornings, knowing what can go wrong and how to deal with it, how to ensure you’re ready in time. 


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