Meghan’s Royal Wedding Hair & Makeup

Meghan’s Royal Wedding Hair & Makeup

What we did & didn’t love!

A few weeks ago now all the talk was about the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,  we don’t usually post on such affairs but we found the hair style Meghan chose for her wedding to be a particularly interesting one.

Of course for most brides we only have to conform to what we would like, what suits us and what goes with our dress and other such items.  For Meghan she also had to conform to Royal protocol and considering she’s not been dating Harry all that long she probably hasn’t found her own style within these perimeters yet unlike Kate who has had years of practice.

Generally Meghan wears her hair down or in a loose, messy up do.  Now for the royal wedding she was of course expected to wear a tiara, which by all accounts probably doesn’t sit so well with her usual messy boho-chic vibe!  However the back of her hair was pretty enough and suited her, what we weren’t such a fan of was the front!!  We’re always giving our brides the same advice – soft tendrils look great at the front of your hair as long as you won’t play with them! As soon as you tuck them behind your ears they become messy and flick out in all directions – ruining the overall finish of the style.  They’re hard to control and often look misshapen and just messy – but not in a good way!  When Meghan pulled these front bits out for the evening reception it looked absolutely fantastic! It was simply the notion of tucking them behind her ears that we weren’t a fan of!

As for her makeup it was effortless and beautiful – we loved the really natural, glowing, dewy look she went for! Her freckles shone through the foundation and her eyes were subtly smokey brown emphasising them without over powering them – allowing her natural beauty to shine through!  Her brows were subtly defined without them being overpowering and we’d definitely expect there to be some little false lashes in there filling our her lashes for that enviable flutter!