Natural Bridal Makeup for Your Wedding

Many of our brides ask us for “natural bridal makeup”.  But while many may use the same words they do not all look the same nor do they have the same makeup look as another of our clients.  Makeup is not something where there is a one size fits all (or at least there shouldn’t be!).

My personal opinions on “instagram makeup” aside I believe that natural can often mean something totally different from one person to the next.  Natural bridal makeup to me is something where the bride to be feels like she looks like herself – so if you wear black eyeliner every day you should probably consider wearing it on your wedding day too but if you don’t there’s no pressure to do so!  We become used to seeing ourselves a certain way with our “face” on and that becomes our natural look.


One of our most requested natural bridal makeup looks.

Shot by John Nassari

While of course for your wedding day you want to look like yourself just better (our second most common request!) having a makeup artist create a natural, glowing version of you is what a lot of women really want.  Though we find many come to us believing they need to wear so much more makeup as they will be photographed on the day.  While to an extent this is true and likely by default of a makeup artist doing your makeup instead of yourself you do not need to look nor feel caked in makeup for the big day.  Most of your photographs will be taken in natural light and not studio lighting so you will not loose as much colour as you would in this environment.

Longevity is also a primary concern with another myth that if we pile the makeup on it will last a lot longer which is false.  We tend to find lots of thin layers sit better on the skin allowing products to absorb into the skin instead of sitting heavily on top therefore creating a much more natural bridal makeup look.

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