Engagment Hair Tutorial

Want a glam hairstyle for your engagement celebrations but want to do it yourself?

This is a super easy up do to master and we absolutely adore this stunning, natural look.

How To:

Step 1: Start by brushing out your hair and lightly straightening if it’s curly.  You want it to be sleek but still packed with volume!

Step 2: Find your parting at the front and run it back as far as seems natural to you. 

Step 3: From the end of your parting run a pin tail comb down to behind your ear to create the front section and pin out of the way. Repeat for the other side of your hair.

Step 4: At the back tie this section into a pony tail and lightly tease out.  Plait the pony tail and secure with another band.

Step 5: Plait the two side sections. 

Step 6: Hold the very tip on the plait and push the hair up to loosen the plait. Repeat on all 3 plaits.

Step 7: Pin up the hair making sure you tuck in the ends of the plaits – you can curl any loose puts to help them blend in.