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Tired of wearing the same makeup day in day out? Getting married abroad and want to create that perfect wedding makeup yourself? Or perhaps you just want to learn how to apply beautiful, fresh makeup.

Well, why not book a makeup lesson with the Tori Harris Pro Team?


Makeup lessons can be booked as a one-to-one session or as a place on one of our scheduled group lessons.

All lessons take place at The Boutique Tori’s luxury Fulham shop.  Group makeup lessons are advertised on The Boutique’s website and on all of our social media accounts.  Alternatively you can email Tori for a schedule.


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One to one lessons are £175 for a 2hour session with Tori or a member of the Tori Harris Pro Team

Group makeup lessons are £100pp max group size of 8. Special offers and promotions will be advertised on The Boutique   

Gift vouchers for makeup lessons are also available – contact Tori for more information.

The Lesson:

The makeup lesson will start with a look through your current makeup bag – many women have good beauty products which aren’t being used, so before I suggest any new products you might need, I see what you’ve already got and incorporate how to use them within the lesson!

Next we cover the basics – a nice even, long lasting base with products specifically suggested for your skin type.  The main part of the makeup lesson “the look” is down to you and what you would like to learn – whether it is a specific look for a wedding, a general evening look or a simple day to evening transformation look.  Group lessons will be learning a predefined look.

I carry an extensive range of products for you to try out different colour and product combinations, some of which you might not have used before and, of course, a list to note down any products you have fallen in love with and want to buy!

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In 2014 Tori hosted a masterclass for some of the wedding industry’s top bloggers, Louise from Bloved wrote a wonderful review you can read here.


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