Leah & Mark Longstowe Hall – Cambridge

It was so good to get back to what we love in May, we’re thrilled to be getting photos through from our amazing brides already and having new weddings to share feels oh so, so good! It was a long 4 months with no weddings, and to be honest a long year with constant disruptions. We feel for all our brides who have had to reschedule sometimes 3-4 times, those who always had 2021 dates who had to change plans to fit within the latest guidance, often changing plans at the last minute as the rules changed, or didn’t change as expected. To all those brides who have persevered we salute you!

Leah and Mark were one of those couples who had to change their date a number of times and ended up going ahead with 30 guests 1 year and 3 weeks after they initially planned to be married. We were delighted to still be able to provide our services at their wedding, Leah had been assigned a few of our artists due to availability of date changes but we got there in the end and Jimena was on hand on the wedding day.

We’re thrilled to see the smiling faces of Leah and her bridesmaids in these beautiful images by Louise Adby

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