Destination Weddings & Brexit.

We’ve been getting a few questions lately regarding Brexit – it’s continued uncertainty is of course concerning but we’re not expecting any major changes to our work on destination weddings within the EU and outside.

For 2020 we are continuing to take on destination bookings in the same way we have before. Even in a no deal Brexit it is unlikely things will change over night so we will have time to make adjustments for the weddings we already have booked in (for example in the event we need visas). We are in the process of ensuring all of our artists have IDP (international driving permits) so we’re still able to hire cars and access venues in remote locations in the event that the British diving licence is no longer recognised by countries within the EU.

Whatever the agreement there will be a transitional phase – therefore we are planning to keep everything the same until we know otherwise. There is no way to plan for the unknown but we are continuously monitoring the situation and will take any steps that are recommended for anyone still working in the EU during this period, any transitional period and the future.

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