Get to Know us: Tori

At The Tori Harris Pro Team it’s really important to us that you get to know and like the hair and makeup artist you’re booking for your wedding day.  To help you get to know our artists we’ve all filled out a little questionnaire with some of the questions we’re asked most frequently!


This week it’s the turn of agency founder Tori Harris.

Name: Tori 

Fun fact my full name is Victoria not Tori – a lot of people don’t seem to make the connection!

How long have you been doing hair & makeup?

I graduated university in 2011 (so seven years ago at the time of writing this!) My degree was in hair and makeup so I trained for three years before I became a freelance hair and makeup artist which I guess leads me to a grand total of a decade worth of experience now!

What are your career highlights?

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in some really awesome projects – I worked at The Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 making up the waitresses serving the dinner – while I wasn’t there working on the royal family it was so fun to be involved in something so big so early on in my career!  Since then I’ve worked on a variety of TV shows and been featured in a whole host of magazines but I think my proudest moment was probably opening The Boutique & Co in 2016! I opened a wedding shop in Fulham as a space to have brides to be come for their pre-wedding trials and since then it has grown and lead onto so many wonderful opportunities such as designing our own bridesmaids dress collection.


Why do you love working on weddings?

Being a part of someones special day is such a privilege, I absolutely love getting to know and hanging out with each and every one of my brides and their bridal parties.  The wedding morning itself so often doesn’t even feel like work because I am having so much fun chatting and laughing with all your girls – while doing a bit of hair and makeup and keeping a very sharp eye on the clock!  Often with all the stresses of planning a wedding you can forget what’s important but on the wedding day none of it matters as you know you’re getting married today! It’s just such a magical mood and atmosphere that cannot be recreated anywhere else.

What are your must have products in your kit?

Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream is my go to skin & lip saviour, I literally swear by it.  I am also completely obsessed with Illamasqua Gel Sculpt in Silhouette – it’s a gel bronzer that I use for contouring and it’s literally magic!

Fancy name dropping some celebrities or big publications you’ve worked on?

TV wise I’ve worked on a lot of the day time shows such as This Morning and Loose Women.  At the moment I am working with Jo Frost (who formally appeared on Super Nanny) whenever she’s in the UK!